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Excess sugar, alerta dental

In this Christmas season we have fallen into overeating. Nougats, mazapanes, chocolates and sweets have been present in many homes and, with them, a danger for our teeth. An excessive amount of sugar in our mouth can have negative consequences for our dental health, above all, if we have good hygiene guidelines. Tooth sensitivity: due…read more →

Foods that do not benefit our teeth

Many people have stained teeth. The spots may be caused by reasons such as age, smoking or the consumption of certain foods and beverages. In this article we will focus on foods that are not as benefactors for our teeth enamel damage and reduce the strength of our teeth. We have to be very careful when consuming…read more →

Hygiene dental appliance or prosthesis

Hygiene dental appliance or prosthesis

If you use a removable dental appliance or prosthesis, must take into account that we clean as we clean our mouths. This type of apparatus, both take place during hours as the materials they are made, accumulated plaque and tartar on their surface. How should I clean? Ideally cleaning twice daily, by…read more →

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