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Excess sugar, alerta dental

In this Christmas season we have fallen into overeating. Nougats, mazapanes, chocolates and sweets have been present in many homes and, with them, a danger for our teeth. An excessive amount of sugar in our mouth can have negative consequences for our dental health, above all, if we have good hygiene guidelines. Tooth sensitivity: due…read more →

What is a dental prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is an artificial part that is manufactured in a laboratory with materials that mimic the natural tooth bone. These pieces can be placed in the jawbone, as fixed prostheses, with the aid of screws of special materials that are integrated into the bone. There are also removable prostheses, which are what the patient can be removed…read more →

Tips for our oral health

If you have trouble maintaining proper oral health, Here are some tips to avoid future problems in our mouth.   Lo principal es visitar al dentista con asiduidad en una clínica dental profesional al menos una vez al año, and if possible from an early age. Although it seems obvious, brush your teeth at least 3 twice daily,…read more →

Invisalign, What is it?

A perfect smile with which to smile at life feels great. That's what you offer invisalign in Barcelona, a cosmetic treatment that improves the position of the teeth invisibly and in which one of the big advantages is that we know the end result is nothing more to start it. This technique provides you…read more →

He smiles through cosmetic dentistry

A smile is synonymous with health, Hygiene, life and happiness; still very important not to neglect it so you can look their best. It says a lot about us as well as being an important facial expression of our personality in our joy is reflected. It is shown that physical imperfections imply a deterioration in individuals, decreasing our…read more →

What is a dental prosthesis

Dentures are a few artificial parts used to replace the natural teeth the patient has lost. The causes have been trauma, poor oral hygiene or poor positioning of natural teeth necessitating its removal. Today it is possible to request the placement of dentures in Barcelona in any clinical…read more →

Invisible orthodontics

Both children and adults are often the urgent need to go to a dental clinic with the clear objective of undergoing orthodontic treatment, with which to solve the problem of crowding or bite type. In these cases, before them the possibility to bet on the known brackets. However,…read more →

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