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Bucalia dental clinics were born in the years 90 with the idea of ​​being a new vision of dentistry. Dentistry has always been considered a very expensive treatment for the patient and sometimes had to perform the extraction of a piece that could be saved only by economic. With the system Bucalia many patients are able to attend the dentist and have the same quality dental care at a reasonable price. This philosophy has been preserved until today, Always the best quality at a reasonable price. This is the key to success of Bucalia. Our patients have the feeling that both the quality of materials used and the quality of all staff human choosing Bucalia as your practice is very successful. Nowadays 350.000 patients in our clinics can not be wrong. We want to thank everyone for their confidence and say that we will continue with the same enthusiasm of the first day with the idea to get better. Dentistry has suffered in recent years a great change with the improvement of materials, implantology, Computer recording techniques and new methods of diagnosis by digital radiology allow us to perform a high precision treatments, try to stay up to date in order to always offer the latest technology.

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