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The fixed prostheses, are completely tooth-supported prostheses, taking support on the teeth only.

The dentist teeth size which will serve as support, called abutment teeth and at the ends of each edentulous region (toothless), in which cemented fixed prosthesis will carefully adjusted. To do this in the clinic, the dentist will take impressions and bite registrations subsequently sent to the laboratory where the technician empty, or positive, impressions in plaster, and makes the resulting models on the structures of the prosthesis fixed with wax. These tarpaulins are included in special coatings resistant to high temperatures, and proceeds to cast in metal alloys with different. The last step would be to mount the ceramic on the metal structures, depending on the type of prosthesis secured to perform, as there is also the possibility of making crowns and bridges in pure porcelain (sin metal) or on a base of a white material called alumina or zirconium.

The dental technician will have to use an articulator that simulates the temporomandibular joint of the patient, antagonist models that reproduce the patient's dental arch, etc., to achieve a proper occlusion and functional.

Several tests will be conducted in the mouth, and after getting three core objectives of a prosthesis, The dentist cemented in the mouth the result, but this can be removed by the patient.

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