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The periodontics Dentistry is the medical specialty that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the tissues that support organs and periodontal dental substitutes implanted, for health maintenance, function and esthetics of the teeth and adjacent tissues.

The Contemporary Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that emerges to support the study of scientific evidence on the state of periodontal health and disease.

The main periodontal diseases affecting dentition periodontitis and gingivitis are.

Today with the advent of implant, periodontics is also responsible for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as peri periimplantares.

Periodontal disease manifests as gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding of the gums without affecting the bone) or periodontitis, occurs where the destruction of the bone that supports the tooth. If not treated early can lead to tooth loss.

A periodontal treatment is from the technical correction of hygiene to control plaque, to the elimination of the triggers of the same (calculations or dental plaque and periodontal pockets). The most common therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease and curettage are the most advanced cases periodontal surgery.

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