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The cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic is a specialty of dentistry that addresses problems related to oral health and aesthetic harmony of the whole mouth.

The term aesthetics from the etymological point of view, aesthesis, (aesthetic) derived from the Greek word for perception. You could define cosmetic dentistry as an application of art and science designed to develop or highlight the beauty in the form of a smile.

The historical development of cosmetic dentistry has followed a path similar to plastic surgery, that in the beginning was considered a specialty of medicine and frivolous snobbery. There are now studies that is observed as physical defects may amount to mental illness and clinically proven in the individual, what now, a derivative in which aesthetic dentistry, has the support of the majority of dental professionals, to which is added to, with new materials and techniques suitable functional results are achieved, what has been forming a plot required in modern dentistry.

In Western culture we can consider, generically, dental aesthetic patterns represented by a smile that shows teeth clear within a harmonious soft tissue. This does not mean that individuals understand their dental aesthetics differently.

Throughout, we must look at all times, for cosmetic treatments from the point of view and subjective patient, working with him to meet their expectations and desires.

The smile is one of the most important facial expressions distinguishes humans from other animals. The language used as part of, expressing joy happiness or pleasure. From the anatomical viewpoint, the smile can be analyzed considering each of its components: lips, gums and teeth.

The veneers restorative dental procedures are aimed at “masking” the visible surface (or front) Tooth, to correct problems or pathological aesthetic teeth caused by tooth decay, previous restorations, fractures, color changes or alterations in the form dental.

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