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Endodontics It is the root canal treatment, this corresponds to any therapy that is practiced in the dentin-pulp complex of a tooth. It is the dental specialty also known from 1963 American Dental Association. Endodontic therapy could be said to range from a direct or indirect pulp capping until complete removal of the dental pulp. Applies fractured teeth, with deep caries or injured pulp tissue in (loose connective tissue) in which gives a characteristic symptoms pulpitis (Classification of pulp injury). And the study of pathology Periapical This injury may be reversible (protective maneuvers endodontic pulpal inflammatory process can be reversed pulp) o irreversible, when the only treatment option is the complete removal of the dental pulp, and three-dimensional obturation of the dental canal. Also performed biopulpectomías total prosthetic teeth purposes.(fixed prostheses) Endodontics is the treatment in different situations of Dental Traumatology. Glossary endodontic. The process of making a root canal usually is the following:

  1. Clean the root canal system: bacteria, necrotic tissue, etc.. to leave the canal aseptic as possible. You never get to be completely sterile just about the main line of each root and numerous accessory canals inaccessible to biomechanical instrumentation but accessible to root canal irrigants in drug form.
  2. The root canal filling three-dimensional shape and size: is shaped conical crown to the apex of the tooth. Establishing an occlusal rest is left to right on the working length, this is that the filler is set to the length of the root and, last, be respected original canal morphology.
  3. Get the apical seal and around the duct.
  4. Get a close biological histological level.

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