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The orthodontics is a science that deals with the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal shape, position, relationship and function of tooth and jaw structures; still pursue the art of preventing, diagnose and correct any possible changes and keep them in an optimal state of health and harmony, and using control of different types of forces.[] The desire to correct crowded teeth, irregular or outgoing is very old, because there is evidence that as early as the eighth century BC. are trying to solve these anomalies. Among the archaeological finds of Greek and Etruscan are beautifully designed orthodontic appliances. Orthodontic treatment can be performed in various ways depending on the type of forces which are applied, are mainly:
  • Fixed technique using fixed devices which is composed of elements attached to the teeth (bandas y brackets) to which firmly anchor a thin elastic metal alloy arcs (nickel-titanium) through a set of bindings.
  • The removable, allowing removal from the mouth by the patient. This allows you to remove them during oral hygiene and meals. These devices when treating dental problems have their specific indications are not a substitute for fixed orthodontics, although solve some simple malocclusions with a lower economic cost and less inconvenience for patients. On the other hand tend to be widely used in orthopedics of the jaws with mixed results, but always with wider scope that orthodontics multibrackets. Mainly used as a treatment in primary teeth (Early the infant), where pathological conditions diagnosed in time can become corrected, to such a degree that treatment in the permanent dentition is very specific or even unnecessary.

  • The aligners with splints can be removed by the patient and has the virtue of being almost imperceptible, are intended for adult orthodontics but the results are undeniable and comfort.

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