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The Teeth whitening is a revolutionary beauty treatment that has been a huge step in the world of cosmetic dentistry, since it does clarify the original color several shades of teeth, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.

Nowadays people are interested in having beautiful teeth and consider it a necessity for success in both professional and social life. Therefore there is a growing interest have white teeth, to the point that a color or tone previously considered normal, now it is dark; white teeth give a cleaner look, healthy and young (It follows from this that people from the 50 years have gradually darker tone and a more yellowish color generally).

Tooth whitening can be performed in office or home, although it is possible to buy the same products (especially with regard to concentrations of the active) for personal, Some specialists warn about the possible damage to the teeth if they are used in high concentration without prescription or track a specialist dental.

Whitening your teeth can remove most stains caused by medications or by extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee and other teas, cigarettes and red wine, among other substances and food. However, Not all stains are removable dental or obscurations or upgradable through teeth whitening and may require other kinds of cosmetic dental treatments such as placing porcelain veneers or caps.

Teeth whitening done by a specialist dentist painless, tooth abrasion (wear), as neither can weaken the teeth if done correctly;[gels are simply used chemically acting through the oxygen-containing, can reduce several shades within the same color of the tooth, the use of special lighting significantly improves the outcome and why many experts consider essential to use.

Usually done in-office whitening lasts about 1 time, with which the patient already seen significant changes and may indicate a complementary treatment at home, with the respective directions of the dentist. This treatment can be repeated at high concentrations maintenance mode after 6 months 1 year, depending on the severity of the stains or discolorations that the patient has. Generally, although it depends on the state of the teeth of each patient, is important and necessary professional tooth cleaning (Ultrasound + professional brushing) complete prior to the completion of tooth whitening. The habits of some products (the, coffee, snuff ...) reduce the durability of the treatment.

Bleaching has no effect on any type of restoration, these being: amalgams, restorations with halogen light (resin or white fillings), inlays and crowns or bridges. If the patient has this type of arrangement in the front on all, whitening is done and then to do is come to do the replacement of the restorations that have not changed their color. To carry out the replacement of these restorations is necessary to wait 15 days or so for the color obtained is stable bleaching.

The treatment produces better results is a session in consultation with full arc cold light and hydrogen peroxide 35%. After, treatment at home with custom-made splints and carbamide peroxide concentrations between 10% to the 30% according to the needs of each patient, all provided by the specialist and to your specifications, for two weeks and lasting 40 minutes a day; is the only way to ensure the best possible result.

In-office teeth whitening:


  • Whiter Teeth.
  • Controlled by the professional
  • Minor or no side effects
  • Increased release and penetration of the gel

External bleaching steps in the office:

  • Cleaning, protection of the gingiva, application of the gel, application of special light, removal of the gel.

Addiction Teeth Whitening: “Dental Blancorexia”

The teeth are naturally yellow in color. Advertising, TV, movies… show people with extra white teeth (not a natural color), so it generates a stereotype in society that the teeth should be white to be aesthetically good, which leads some people to want to have their teeth whiter than normal, sometimes regardless of the side effects of tooth whitening Abuse. It should be remembered that having white teeth does not mean that it possesses a healthier teeth.



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