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The prótesis dentales are artificial parts used to replace the natural teeth that the patient has lost. The causes have been trauma, poor oral hygiene or poor positioning of natural teeth necessitating its removal. Today it is possible to request placement dentures in Barcelona in any dental clinic, although depending on the patient's mouth problems, a model may be used or other.

removable prosthesis

Removable dentures can be placed and removed manually by the patient without any problems. Examples include complete dentures or partial dentures. The latter is used when the patient has teeth in good condition can be used as support of the prosthesis. The new teeth can be placed with bridges or other grips that attach to natural teeth, although each case must be evaluated because the tooth should not suffer too much pressure.

fixed prostheses

The fixed prosthesis can not be removed by the patient and dentist may be withdrawn only in the case of necessary. They are artificial teeth that can be placed either on an implant has been placed on the gums or on the remains of an anterior tooth that has been treated to improve. An example is a crown placed on a tooth wherein a root canal has been made and which has been greatly weakened after treatment.

joint prosthesis

A model that is increasingly used is less mixed prostheses. In this case a combined fixed prosthesis is placed a removable system to link, for example, a denture that is not complete on the patient's teeth. Each time it is used less because it needs more maintenance and revision by dentists, so that patients prefer more convenient solutions.


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