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Invisalign Spring Promotion 2013

They Bucalia Spring and service offers you a promotion INVATE. Now you get no cost Invisalign Study, financing with no interest and no input.

Bucalia, in their centers Invisalign Barcelona, Invisalign Badalona, Invisalign L’Hospitalet e Invisalign Mataró, offers a reliable service, Thanks to its more than 6 years of experience working with Invisalign. Remember, when you decide to use Invisalign, Orthodontists are not all equal.

Invisalign has arguably many advantages over standard treatment with braces, but from our experience one of the most important advantages is being able to know the end result before starting treatment.

Many think of passibility to improve the aesthetics or functionality of our teeth, but with conventional treatments to the end not know the outcome. With Invisalign not only know the outcome, but we can work together patient and orthodontist to get the result we want.

That is why Bucalia, your trusted dental centers, has thought to bring a promotion not a smile, but two, three and often, offering you the chance to enjoy your treatment Invisalign, no study costs, and also you can pay in fixed installments without tickets.

Wait no more, this offer Invisalign ends 10 June 2013.

Visit our Invisalign Here I inform yourself of our services.


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