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¿Por qué la ortodoncia invisible?

La ortodoncia invisble tiene indiscutiblemente muchas ventajas sobre el tratamiento habitual con brackets, but from our experience one of the most important advantages is being able to know the end result before starting treatment. Many think of passibility to improve the aesthetics or functionality of our teeth, but with conventional treatments to the end not know the outcome. Con nuestro tratamiento no solo sabemos el resultado, but we can work together patient and orthodontist to get the result we want. No surprises, is undoubtedly the best choice. In the future all will be well orthodontics.

How does it work?

Una vez que hayas decidido que los alineadores transparentes son tu tratamiento ¿Qué pasa a continuación? Simply go to Bucalia for a first visit "totally free". Cuando el Ortodoncista determine que este es un tratamiento adecuado para ti, develop a detailed treatment plan where and once you've decided that this is the result you want to obtain will be made the "aligners" virtually invisible and your needs. Discover the simple steps that you and you will give Bucalia together on the journey to your new smile.

Step 1 Indisalign, consulta inicial

El primer paso para realizar un tratamiento con los alineadores transparentes, es realizar una visita a Bucalia, en ella el Ortodoncista te realizara una exploración para valorar si tu caso es el adecuado para la ortodoncia invisble. If so explain in detail how you worked your treatment, report will also detail the total economic cost of your treatment. If we decide to accept treatment to the second step.

Step 2 Indisalign, Plan de tratamiento

The second step consists in gathering all the information needed for optimal results, orthopantomography, teleradiografia, molds of your teeth, photographs. Con toda esta información un programa exclusivo ayuda al Ortodoncista a recrear los movimientos necesarios para corregir las posiciones de los dientes. In this section, the patient's cooperation is essential to achieve the desired result.

Step 3 Indisalign, Aligners a medida

Una vez decidido el resultado se encarga la confección de todos los Aligners necesarios para realizar el tratamiento. Aligners number will depend on the complexity of the treatment. Not all cases are the same Some people need more, some less. Treatment also vary in each case.

Step 4 Indisalign, proceso de tratamiento

For treatment to evolve apace patient cooperation is essential. The Aligners of must carry at least 23 hour, that means it can only be removed for eating, brushing and cases where it is unavoidable to remove. The more hours along better work, The Aligners should be changed approximately every 15 days. The first few days it shows a slight pressure as the teeth are moving, then we do not notice this feeling as they have already made the move and are only strengthening the new position.

Step 5 Indisalign, viverra retainers

Once the treatment retainers should be placed end to get a beautiful smile forever.

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