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orthodonticsBoth children and adults are often the urgent need to go to a dental clinic with the clear objective of undergoing orthodontic treatment, with which to solve their crowding problem or type of bite.

In these cases, before them the possibility to bet on the known brackets. However, in recent times it has also begun to generalize the use of the invisible orthodontics. Is, as its name suggests, It is based on the use of transparent alienating and offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Its main benefit is that those are the same color as the teeth are not so noticeable. Hence, many patients ask their dentists to place them because those so they will not feel "shame" by taking them.
  • These devices are changing about every two weeks and that means that the teeth go modifying progressively.
  • The fact that invisible braces have the same shape as the teeth of the wearer, makes an alternative more comfortable traditional brackets.
  • They are much more useful in maintaining a perfect oral hygiene. And it is that when you go to eat the clear aligners are removed. And after, once completed and after having properly cleaned teeth, They are reinstalled those.
  • As a rule, when you opt for this type of dental treatment must take into account that usually lasts less time than traditional.

All these reasons, and many more who become real benefits, are what have made in recent years has grown overwhelmingly people who bet by the invisible orthodontic when getting a perfect smile.

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