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Hygiene dental appliance or prosthesis
If you use a removable dental appliance or prosthesis, must take into account that we clean as we clean our mouths. This type of apparatus, both take place during hours as the materials they are made, accumulated plaque and tartar on their surface. How should I clean? Ideally clean twice daily, morning and evening and, if possible, after meals. Cleaning should be done with a different brush that we use in our daily hygiene, either with a normal brush or special brushes which can be bought in pharmacies and prostheses for dental appliances. It is also important to perform a more thorough cleaning using the product recommended by us or with the dentist effervescent tablets cleaners that exist in the market several brands. Another way to clean (Further) and specialists often recommend is the sodium hypochlorite diluted in water. In this substance we immerse the appliance or prosthesis for about an hour to disinfect, deodorize and whiten the apparatus.  

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