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img_7567-253When thinking Christmas excesses, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of pants. However, our weight is not the only one affected by Parade size feasts. At Christmas time we eat a lot, especially sweets (nougat, mazapanes, polvorones ...) and spirits with a lot of sugar.

Also, Many of these meals are eaten away from home, why it is very possible that we forget to brush your teeth or not we take up the brush and toothpaste necessary. Therefore, before starting the intense festive activity is the time to visit your dental clinic for early detection Murcia any problems that may affect our teeth.

However, It is advisable follow a series of recommendations to prevent tooth decay, plaque and other problems related to the ingestion of sweets.

  • Brush your teeth at least before bedtime: if you are away from home, forget not carry brushes travel (small and folding) as well as small tubes of toothpaste. Staying up late should not become an excuse for not brushing teeth.
  • Watch your tooth sensitivity: beverages such as wine, Beer, soft drinks or infusions may affect tooth sensitivity especially if they are cold and sugary.
  • Beware stained teeth: Red wine, the coffee, the black chocolate or snuff are products that can darken your teeth.
  • Caution bite very hard foods: nougat and seafood, two very different but these foods in many holiday meals, They are very hard and must be carefully bitten, especially protecting the teeth delanteras.Ante any discomfort, do not hesitate to consult a dentist in Murcia reliable.

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