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If you have trouble maintaining proper oral health, Here are some tips to avoid future problems in our mouth.


dental hygiene

  • The main thing is to visit the dentist regularly in a Professional dental clinic at least once a year, and if possible from an early age.
  • Although it seems obvious, brushing teeth at least 3 twice daily, and preferably after every meal, will prevent tooth decay or other problems.
  • Speaking of caries, use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, we will help prevent tooth decay.
  • Change our toothbrush regularly, at least each 3 months, It is another good habit to prevent the onset of disease in our mouth.
  • If you know you are eating out and will not be able to wash your teeth, remember to buy sugarless gum, which will help to keep our teeth as clean as possible until the next brushing.

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