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With the arrival of good weather and holidays our daily routine completely changes. More time is synonymous with parties, travel, eating out and ice cream. A healthy and fun combination but can risking your oral health. Before you start your holiday would recommend you to make a visit to your dentist in Valencia for advice on oral hygiene. Here you anticipate some:

  • Always carry a bag room with a complete dental kit: brush, toothpaste, Flossing and, if possible, mouthwash. Remember to brush your teeth three times a day. If it is not possible, at least never let go brushing before bedtime.
  • It reduces possible alcohol, coffee, the, tobacco (stain teeth) and ice cream and cold drinks (cause dental hiprsensibilidad). Indeed it is very difficult to escape these habits in summer, so after taking any of these products brush your teeth, possibly with specific pastes for sensitive teeth or to get a better tooth whitening.
  • If you have splinting after orthodontic treatment, do not forget them at home. If you wear them several days without teeth could move again.

For any questions or queries, and a ti dental clinic Valencia before leaving trusted travel.

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