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Badalona clinic was inaugurated in the year 2.007

The restaurant is located in Badalona in an area that serves two populations of large population like Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramanet. Dentists have specialists in all specialties. The clinic boasts the latest advances in dentistry, everything you need to offer our patients a quality service.

  • Sanitary registration E08773191
  • Calle Mozart n º 21 low – 08917 Badalona
  • 93 3889511
  • Monday 9:30h. a 13:30h. and 15:00h. a 20:00h.
  • Tuesday 9:30h. a 13:30h. and 15:30h. a 19:30h.
  • Wednesday of 9:30h. a 19:30h.
  • Thursday 9:30h. a 13:30h. and 15:30h. a 19:30h.
  • Friday 9:30h. a 13:30h. and 15:30h. a 18:30h.
  • Lines: B15, B17, B19
  • Lines: B23, B27, B29
  • Line 9 (Background Station)
  • Line 1 (Background Station)

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