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The Drs./as of Bucalia are formed Sinedent and Dr. Leonardo Francisco Lopez Arias to diagnose, prevent and be able to efficiently combat periodontal diseases. Every day more cases of peri-implantitis are being detected, that it is necessary to know how to detect and treat on time, thus avoiding, possible premature loss of implants. It is very important to have training…read more →

Tips for your oral health care in summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it come the holidays, travel and a good round of parties and celebrations with family and friends. If you do not spend care, our dental health can be greatly affected during the summer. The excesses are common at this time because the parties incite eat much, take spirits, cafés,…read more →

Taking care of our mouth the excesses of Christmas

When thinking about the excesses of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of pants. However, our weight is not the only one affected by Parade size feasts. At Christmas time we eat a lot, especially sweets (nougat, mazapanes, polvorones ...) and spirits with a lot of sugar. Also, many of these foods are made…read more →

Tipos de prótesis dentales

The teeth may be lost for various reasons, either by decay or periodontal disease or some type of trauma. The loss of these parts apart from the dental arches deform it complicates the process effectiveness masticatory. A dentist in Mataro usually faces a number of these cases every day. Dentures are…read more →

Invisalign: ortodoncia estética

Sometimes, para conseguir unos dientes bonitos, es necesario someterse un tratamiento de ortodoncia. Y a pesar de lo que muchas personas puedan pensar, no éste no tiene por qué notarse ni sufrirse en silencio. Gracias al método Invisalign y su sistema a base de piezas invisibles construidas a medida, los dientes van ocupando su lugar hasta conseguir los resultados…read more →

Feria de la Gent Gran 2015

Feria de la Gent Gran 2015

Te invitamos a tí y a todas las personas mayores a venir a visitarnos a nuestro stand de la feria del la Gent Gran 2015 durante los días 4 to the 7 de Junio en Barcelona, el Salón de las Personas Mayores de Cataluña, que este año llega a la 17ª edición y se ha consolidado como la primera feria europea y…read more →

What is a dental prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is an artificial part that is manufactured in a laboratory with materials that mimic the natural tooth bone. These pieces can be placed in the jawbone, as fixed prostheses, with the aid of screws of special materials that are integrated into the bone. There are also removable prostheses, which are what the patient can be removed…read more →

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is the part of the oral medicine that deals with the study and knowledge of the diseases of the mouth and its prevention. The main objective is to eliminate the risk factors for oral diseases not occur. Our dental professionals in Mataró specialize in this type of treatment to provide the best…read more →

What they are removable dentures

Patients who go to the dentist in Murcia because they have lost some or all teeth have several solutions. One is placing a removable prosthesis that he can remove and replace if necessary. If the complete pieces is what is known as "false teeth", because it covers all teeth and molars…read more →

Invisible orthodontics vs. brackets

More and more innovative treatments to improve the appearance of our teeth, either for reasons of health or aesthetics. More and more adults seeking orthodontic treatment in dental clinics in Barcelona. Today there are new methods that make this treatment more bearable, eg, Invisible orthodontics. This treatment has…read more →


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