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Teeth Whitening, Why is it so important?

We live in a world where image and appearance play a crucial role in many aspects of our lives. Therefore, take care of us every day and try to keep fit, but we have to focus on something more than the cult of the body and have a perfect smile is synonymous not only with hygiene and good image, but…read more →

He smiles through cosmetic dentistry

A smile is synonymous with health, Hygiene, life and happiness; still very important not to neglect it so you can look their best. It says a lot about us as well as being an important facial expression of our personality in our joy is reflected. It is shown that physical imperfections imply a deterioration in individuals, decreasing our…read more →

Promotion for Dental Implants

Promotion for Dental Implants

Summer comes and Bucalia service offers you an unbeatable promotion. Now your dental implant from just € 244, a very simple intervention, with amazing results and a bargain price. We believe that the Oral Health is a priority. And Implant Dentistry treatments available to all, If they are possible. Recover your smile! The teeth are for…read more →

What is a dental prosthesis

Dentures are a few artificial parts used to replace the natural teeth the patient has lost. The causes have been trauma, poor oral hygiene or poor positioning of natural teeth necessitating its removal. Today it is possible to request the placement of dentures in Barcelona in any clinical…read more →

Say goodbye to the invisible orthodontic brackets with

Many people are hesitant to get orthodontic treatment because he is ashamed to be seen during the duration of the treatment. However, it is now possible to correct the position of teeth in an almost invisibly. For instance, Badalona are dental clinics that offer novel treatments such as invisible braces. Is performed with…read more →

Invisible orthodontics

Both children and adults are often the urgent need to go to a dental clinic with the clear objective of undergoing orthodontic treatment, with which to solve the problem of crowding or bite type. In these cases, before them the possibility to bet on the known brackets. However,…read more →

Dental Implants

Retrieve a natural and perfect smile is what makes anyone go to a dental clinic with a clear objective to undergo dental implant intervention. And these are products that are anchored to the jawbone with the clear aim of replacing the root ball and get the artificial tooth that…read more →

Invisalign Spring Promotion 2013

Invisalign Spring Promotion 2013

They Bucalia Spring and service offers you a promotion INVATE. Now you get no cost Invisalign Study, financing with no interest and no input. Bucalia, Invisalign Barcelona in their centers, Invisalign Badalona, L'Hospitalet Invisalign and Invisalign Mataró, offers a reliable service, Thanks to its more than 6 years of experience working with…read more →

Draw Nintendo Wii

Following the success of the Christmas season "2×1 Oral Hygiene ", We have already won, Silvia is the lucky B.M. awarded Barcelona a great Nintendo Wii. El sorteo se realizó el pasado 2 January 2013.     Bucalia thanks all participating patients and confidence in this promotion. Happy New Year wishes Bucalia

Christmas Special 2012, 2×1 oral hygiene

Christmas Special 2012, 2×1 oral hygiene

Christmas comes and what better time to look healthy and beautiful smile. The concept of oral hygiene has evolved over the years. Currently includes not only specific aspects of the oral cavity, but also covers other aspects of social and psychological, with implications for the individual's self-esteem, communication, expression and…read more →

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