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Many people have stained teeth. The spots may be caused by reasons such as age, smoking or the consumption of certain foods and beverages. In this article we will focus on foods that are not as benefactors for our teeth enamel damage and reduce the strength of our teeth.

We have to be very careful when consuming certain foods and learn to take care of our teeth. An unbalanced diet and inadequate plays an important role in the state of our teeth and should not be taken lightly.

Foods to consider because they can damage our teeth:

1. Sugar. Foods high in sugar cause much damage to teeth. Sugar weakens teeth immediately after consuming any product containing it (Also drinks, clear), and commits the enamel resulting in tooth decay in the teeth; so it is important a good cleaning after taking sweet mouth.

2. Refined processed foods. These are foods that contain flour and bread, biscuits, donuts, cereals, Cupcakes, pastry, tortillas, snacks and sandwiches. They are rich in starch and favor the development of dental caries. Generally, also, are also high in sugar so again, recommend a dental cleaning quick if they consume the time we leave between their consumption and asset brushing; is very harmful to our teeth. The general rule is that foods that are chewy and tend to stick to teeth, damage our teeth if we do not make a correct and quick cleaning, moieties since they, even tiny or unobservable in sight, deposited on the tooth surface and the activity begins to promote tooth decay.

3. Coffee, juices and sweet drinks. Coffee, juices and soft drinks are also bad for your teeth if you do not complete an oral cleaning quick, action we have repeated more than once in this text on a voluntary basis as this is the way to alleviate the, sometimes unavoidable, consumption of products that are clearly mentioned in the consumption habits of many of us. In the case of coffee, its dark color just changing the natural color, Pretty white and healthy teeth and manicured; by a less flattering dark tone as we all know. Besides changing the natural color of teeth, both coffee and sugary drinks also weaken the enamel of our teeth and expose exponentially so critical to "the interest of our teeth", affecting our smile, safety, as, our mouth beauty.

4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is not only bad for overall health, it is also bad for teeth. Alcohol affects the enamel of our teeth weakening, further reducing the flow of saliva in the mouth; and is an external agent clearly harmful to our health causing the unwanted oral cavities at first and can cause many other diseases that can be tackled by our dentists if you look at time. Smoking also has, roughly, the same negative effects that alcohol in relation to the subject. Already seen different foods and products that we must avoid to maintain healthy teeth, Most if not going to "brush your teeth", as they say, in a fast and correct long as; there are also foods that help our teeth and gums. These are foods like apples, celery and carrots, and requiring an active chewing which keeps them in good condition. The fibers of fruits and vegetables act as small toothbrushes when chewed. Also, fibers from fruits and vegetables also help to improve the health of teeth esmalteAlso. Dairy products are also benefactors of our oral health. And calcium, phosphorus in milk and cheese help remineralize the enamel of our teeth. Also, increase the production of saliva which helps remove food particles trapped between teeth after a meal. Last, fat and milk proteins act as a barrier to dental enamel harmful external agents; for example the sugar commented. And although not completely will mitigate the damage it causes in our teeth; if that temporarily reduced. For example at the time lapses between eating and brushing. In either case, is advisable to brush your teeth immediately after every meal in order to keep your teeth white and healthy; but be sure to ask whether observed abnormalities or changes in the color of your teeth as they can be different reasons to those mentioned and we are happy to deal with you personally.


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