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Tips for a healthy mouth

Although some things may seem obvious, want to give you some simple tips to make every day that can avoid many problems and diseases.

Bactrian plate is a cause of many problems of mouth, as tartar, which is the same plate when attached to the teeth. To remove plaque just brush your teeth several times a day and although the scale is a problem to be dealt with at the dentist. After we brush our teeth clean well and dry brush a little to remove debris that may be trapped in the bristles.

Also, use a mouthwash or mouthwash after brushing and going where you do not brush and so cleaning is complete. Finally, and if the dentist recommends to us, You can use floss or an interdental brush to remove debris that we have been between teeth. Besides all this, is important to make regular checks at the dentist and we do cleaning at least once a year.

Do you do all these things every day?

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